Grade 3 Melbourne Museum

Posted: July 25, 2017

With a chill in the air and threatening clouds swarming the museum, 89 voices of pure excitement filled the bustling streets of Melbourne. As we piled into the streets in two straight lines, walking towards the towering glass windows we weren’t sure if we were about to be swarmed by a colony of monstrous bees, or if we were just seeing things from our early morning start. Turns out we were seeing bees alright, but they were the sticker kind, so all was safe. We were well and truely ready for the day to start, but as per usual there was a little waiting around. We checked in, stored our bags, got into our groups and the rest you could say was was history…

We walked with dinosaurs, investigated our dynamic earth, found some eye catching rocks (that Ms. Hughes liked a little too much), raced a champion thoroughbred racehorse, whose achievements captured the public’s imagination during the early years of the Great Depression and got lost in the wild with exotic animals.

After all that you think we would be dragging our feet with pure exhaustion. But the best was yet to come…. the First People Exhibit!¬†Through the voices and languages of our Koorie community, First Peoples told us the story of Aboriginal Victoria from the time of Creation to today. We were lucky enough to use ipads to record our learning and use back in class for our General Studies Topic. Make sure you do¬†yourself a favour and make sure you get to the museum to see this exhibit.

With weary eyes and heavy legs we trudged towards the buses, finally collapsing with exhaustion. Closing the curtains, we shut our eyes drifting off to sleep (well some of us). With minimal traffic we made record timing back to Leongatha (would have to be a first), pulling into the bus shelter to be greeted by the warmest of smiles and biggest waves. With a quick hug hello and finding the teachers to sign out, the day was over… just as quickly as it had began.

Here are a few pictures from our action packed day!IMG_2093IMG_2131 IMG_2143 IMG_2196