Preps at Churchill Island

Posted: November 2, 2017

On Wednesday the 1st of November, the Preps travelled excitedly to Churchill Island Heritage Farm to learn about living things. We were lucky enough to milk a cow, watch a sheep get shorn, watch Billy the dog round up the sheep, feed the baby farm animals and learn about the history of the farm. We all had a wonderful day. Thank you to the 4 parents who came to help us. unnamed-5 unnamed-4 unnamed-3 unnamed-2 IMG_9782 IMG_9774 (1) IMG_9729 IMG_9670 23224604_2035304336741834_1964393729_o 23222993_2035302663408668_363082062_o 23222894_2035302696741998_578252166_o 23192457_2035302680075333_1140914160_o 23191956_2035302693408665_1757697742_o 23158237_2035302740075327_1557561793_o 23157865_2035302656742002_1000225833_o 23157818_2035302743408660_1742479139_o 23157479_2035316860073915_768509203_o