Developmental Curriculum

Developmental Curriculum & Inquiry Based Learning at LPS

Investigation Time (P-2)

Investigation time is an Inquiry based approach that places emphasis on the child’s oral language, cognitive, physical, social and emotional development.

The program:

  • places the child at the centre of the curriculum.
  • encourages active engagement by all children.
  • provides children with opportunities to explore processes rather than just end products, understanding that mistakes are part of learning.
  • Teachers are integral in this process and must direct, scaffold, extend or intervene with children in order to ensure that they are actively engaged.

The teachers at Leongatha Primary School are committed to providing all children with the opportunity to succeed to the best of their ability. We understand and respect that children are all different and learn in a variety of ways.

In Prep and Grade 1, an hour is devoted to investigations four afternoon’s a week. These investigations are led by the children and stem from activities and ideas presented by the teacher and/or from the students own interests. In Grade 2, students transition into ‘project-based’ Investigations.