About Grade Four

In Grade 4, we have a strong focus on building relationships and understanding each other’s values, with a particular focus on including others and working as a team.

In Mathematics, level appropriate tasks continue to build on students’ understanding of a variety of mathematical concepts. Particular focus has been placed on understanding times tables, addition, subtraction and division, along with using hands on materials to help problem solve in areas such as mapping, fractions, and telling the time.

In Writing, we use Writer’s Workshop to develop ideas and produce a range of text types including narratives, reports and poetry. Students are beginning to join their handwriting with all aiming to receive their pen licence by the end of the year. Students continue to use the Soundwaves program to improve their spelling and understanding of grammar. When reading, students are in level appropriate groups to build on comprehension skills, with the aim of creating independent readers. We have paid particular attention to choosing a ‘good fit book’ and building stamina when reading independently.

During General Studies we have a strong focus on Science and History. Students have worked on an Educational Research Project (ERP) based upon their interest in these areas.

They have researched and presented ERP’s regarding the nature of contact between Aboriginal people and the effects of these interactions on them and their environment, as well as discovering the reasons for the journey of the First Fleet and their experiences following arrival. Students investigated natural and processed materials and their range of physical properties, as well as the nature of forces.
Highlights for the year include our 5 day camp to Woorabinda, with a focus on sustainability, environment and personal challenges along with team building. We participate in Senior Sports- swimming, cross-country, athletics and our very own Leongatha Football League at lunchtimes. An excursion to Melbourne Museum, Bike Ed, and swimming lessons.

Grade 4 Team

Janelle Rathjen, Tyler Ralph, Melinda Hallas, Alison March, Sue Harper