About Grade One

In Grade 1 we look forward to increasing the children’s confidence to work independently in all areas within the school environment.  Our aim is for children to develop their skills socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically.

In Numeracy we aim to develop the children’s confidence and skills through explicit whole class, small group and individual instruction. Our sessions include hands on games and activities, open – ended tasks, real life problems and mental maths. Learning tasks are designed to meet each child’s individual numeracy needs.

We will extend the children’s knowledge of all Literacy aspects through daily shared, group and individual Reading and Writing sessions. Reading and writing skills are explicitly taught and the children’s progress is closely monitored. Learning activities are tailored to meet each child’s individual literacy needs.

Through our Inquiry based approach children are provided with challenging, and stimulating learning experiences, allowing them to explore and build on their knowledge and understandings. Children will have opportunities to explore their interests and new learning through our inquiry themes which include My place in history/ Then and Now, Australian Animals and their Habitats, The weather and Space and The beach Habitat/sea animals.  

Grade 1 children will participate in a number of excursions and incursions that will not only broaden their understandings but give hands on direct experiences of the themes introduced in our Investigation sessions

We will visit the Phillip Island Wildlife Park, Inverloch beach and rock pools, the Wetlands in Leongatha. We will also enjoy the company of  Grand parents and Special friends to help us learn about our personal history.

Grade 1 Team

Crista Davies, Amy Robertson, Szilvia Smith, Emma Joy, Ebony Piper, Mel Buckley