About Grade 2

In grade 2 we have fun, are friendly, treat others fairly and keep safe. These 4 principles are encouraged, acknowledged and celebrated with all students.

In grade 2 concrete materials are used in a hands-on approach to maths. Student’s needs are catered for through open-ended, individual and group tasks.

Reading and writing sessions follow a shared, small group and individual approach. Students are exposed to a variety of text types and writing styles.

In grade 2 students are introduced to a ‘5 Step Investigation Process’ that follows their own interests. Students select a topic, complete an individual design brief, find out information, draft about it in their books and then make and present their findings to share with others.  

During the second semesters students are involved in a grade 2 sleep over in preparation for the senior school camp program.

Excursions happen regularly throughout the year supporting students learning in the class related to our general studies topics.

Students have access to i-pads in grade 2 which are used across all curriculum areas to enhance and support their learning.
Homework involves nightly reading and versions of spelling words.

Grade 2 Team

Nyree Gill, Jenny Turner, Joanne Slater, Steve Lester, Jonathan Cox