Childsafe Standards & School Policies



Childrens rights – poster

Child Safe Standards Poster

LPS S3 – Child Safe Code of Conduct

LPS Child Safety Commitment

Tipsheet cultural aboriginal-children

LPS S1 – School Child Safety Officer

LPS Child Safety Commitment Foyer V2 (002)

LPS Child Safety Commitment Foyer V2 (002) LPS Child Safety Commitment Foyer V3

LPS Statement affirming adherence to Democratic Principles


LPS – Acceptable Use Agreement

LPS-Action Plan Aboriginal Learning Wellbeing and Safety

LPS-Administration of Medication Policy

LPS-Anaphylaxis Policy

LPS-Asthma Policy

LPS-Attendance Policy

LPS-Camps and Excursions Policy

LPS-Child Safety Responding and Reporting Obligations Policy and Procedures (2)

LPS-Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy

LPS-Complaints Policy

LPS-CSS code of conduct

LPS S5 Bullying Prevention Policy

LPS S5 Student Engagement, Inclusion & Wellbeing Policy

LPS – Digital Learning Policy

LPS-Duty of Care Policy

LPS-First Aid Policy

LPS-Health Care Needs Policy

LPS-Mobile Phone Policy

LPS – Statement of values and school philosophy policy

LPS-Student Dress Code

LPS – Visitors Policy

LPS-Volunteers Policy

LPS-Working With Children Clearance Register


Communication Protocol

Behavioural Management

Cyber Bullying

Homework (Primary)

Internet Usage (Primary)

Parent Code of Conduct



Sunsmart Policy – 2021

Sustainability Policy – 2019